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It’s not easy to explain how incredible of an experience it is to work with Kristen. She was totally professional and at the same moment like a best friend. Mix that up with her insane talent and artistic ability and it’s the perfect storm for the moment that your heart sings. I can not be more thankful for the gorgeous photos that are a like shining stars. Thank you from my heart Kristen.

Lisa Monahan

Pet & Family Client

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It’s an honor to ushered into the sacred space of celebrating everything that a person or family loves most. It’s incredible and humbling for me to know that every day of my life is spent dedicated to helping people stop, be present and reconnect with the absolute best in their life. Nothing compares to the joy of hearing what brings another person bliss; to see that come to life in front of my lens and stop time to immortalize it for them. Even better that most of the time the details of this endeavor as a Philadelphia photographer involve frolicking through fields with puppies, jumping on beds with toddlers, the occasional food fight or scaling a couple’s favorite vista.

Recent Sessions

Hatboro Pet Photo Session

Before Eric & Dakota's Hatboro Pet Photo Session began, I sat across from Eric at his dining room table. Dakota sat by him, just in arms reach. The walls and shelves that surround us in neighboring rooms were decorated with World War Two era photos of a family...

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Call For Submission: Cat Love

Call For Submission: Cat Love

December is Cat lover's months and with it we choose to honor their place in our hearts and homes. Submit your story about the impact your cat has made in your life and enter to win a Kristen Kidd Photography photo session gift certificate. This month we celebrate the...

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Oliver+Sadie+Lager & Their Humans

Oliver+Sadie+Lager & Their Humans

In honor of National Cat Lover's Month we wanted to celebrate the indelible mark our cats make in our hearts and homes. Steve & Rachel Malagari find a center in one another and their bond with their four-legged family members; Oliver, Lager & Sadie. Life gets...

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