A few weeks ago Beth and Jen at the bourgeoning Pennridge Animal Hospital asked me to do a session in their new, cozy digs.  The exam area is in what feels like the den of a home, complete with fire place, a couch, toys and all the standard vet necessities to exam the pets that come through.  Beth requested I specifically capture some images of them on the floor with pups because this is the down to earth care they offer all of their furry, hairy or feathery patients.  They set themselves apart getting on the animals level, providing house calls and even occasionally seeing patients at the last minute.  While I was there, wrapping up the session, on a Sunday, they were following up with “patient’s parents”, making calls and appointments.  The amount of love and care these two entrepreneurs give to their field is a site to behold.  I’m really proud to be apart of capturing the ambitions to come to life and unfold into a great new business in the community.