A few weeks ago I photographed for an event that benefited Home At Last Rescue (HAL); the rescue where we adopted our beloved Hudson.  This event provided an extremely affordable means for families to receive photo sessions with their dogs in the beautiful setting of Graeme Park in Horsham, Pa.  All of the proceeds went to the rescue.  Myself and a second professional photographer donated our time and five images to HAL and the families that participated.

It brought me immense joy to hear the stories of the pups swooped out of disaster and into endless snuggles, treats and walks.  My heart was brimming over to capture these families.

I cannot wait until this event comes around again and when it does be sure to mark your calendar.  I assure you, you won’t find a better quality product for a better deal.  Plus, you can rest in the confidence of knowing that you not only invested in the preservation of a memory of your pooch and family, but also that every penny went to support a helpless creature hanging on the thread of existence.