As a wedding photographer I have the job of beautifully illustrating the events of one of the most important days in a couple’s life.  This is a great joy for me.  However, every now and again, I am a guest and that responsibility is lifted from me.  

It’s not easy to leave the tools of one’s trade in the tool box though.  In these instances I’m given another unique opportunity; to tell the story of all that unfolds before the walk down the isle.  Ordinarily, as a wedding photographer, I show up just as the bride is about to put on her dress and say I do.  At Mauro and Marla’s wedding I had a front row seat for all the sweat, laughter, anticipation and exhaustion of a DIY nuptial.  

In this position, as a mere spectator, the focus becomes, simply, that moment and not achieving the most beautiful shot or best angle.  It is, in fact, I am where I am and I see what I see.  That in itself lends to interesting moments that cannot be a priority when your job is find the most poignant shot of every second.  

Above are some of my favorite “side moments”.  Click on the top image and you’ll be able to see a larger version and click through the rest.  If you want to see more, click here for a link to a photo set with all the images from the wedding.