At the end of my first session with Andrea, Dan and their, then, two year old son Christian, she disclosed that they hoped to have another baby in the near future asked me about a Watch Me Grow Series.  The Watch Me Grow series documents the milestones of the first year of life.  As a photo documentarian and a fan of all things squishy and cute, I was elated to signup for this adventure.  

Several months later an image of an ultrasound photo appeared on her Facebook wall with TWO tiny jumpin’ beans (that’s what they always look like to me at first)! Count em’, TWO!  I was elated and knew I had my work cut out for me.  

What transpired was a year of shenanigans complete with brothers clobbering brothers, boys clobbering parents, a tiny bit of sleeping, a small family reunion, some sock throwing, mud mucking, cake smashing, a few screams and, of course, the milliseconds in between the madness which is when you get that perfect shot.

As I prepared to leave the final session (the one-year, cake smash session), Andrea told me they were moving.  I was sad to see them go, but elated I could be apart of the memory making that they will carry with them wherever life takes them.