Early in Deirdre’s life she was subject to abuse and neglect.  The effects of which lingered with her into adulthood.  Though her life stabilized in many ways as time went on, anxiety latched on for the ride.

As she grew, she found solace in music.  Music connected her to herself and her loved ones.  She found freedom in singing and writing.

As she entered into adulthood the familiar patterns of abuse reemerged in a romantic relationship.  It was during this time that she began to see that she was only person she could save.  She found the strength to step away from that abusive partner and here she found her voice and began to speak truth to power.  Her lyrics vulnerably began to express her struggles from anxiety. She found the courage to perform her truth in the freedom that she felt on stage.  She describes performance as an act of meditation.

Fans often approach her after a show and confess their own struggles with anxiety.  In her lyrics and the courage she finds to perform, they find continual inspiration.  It is in this space that Deirdre is her truest self.

If you’ve been fighting like hell to be your truest self and would like your battle set to an emboldening sound track, then you should hear Deirdre. You can find Deirdre Forrest on Facebook to follow her musical adventures and see where she will be performing her next show.