Halloween is truly one of my favorite holidays.  Candy?  I could take it or leave it, but the whimsical fantasies of taking on a completely different identity – that’s for me.  Nearly every year pain staking time and energy (but never too much money) goes into my costume.  Beyond my own personal delight, I love witnessing the transformations of others.  Halloween is one night when all things absurd are welcomed and encouraged.  

In my experience, American society is one of the more boundary/personal space oriented cultures.  There’s a general, mutual understanding of don’t walk on my lawn, don’t come over unannounced, don’t park in my spot, don’t touch my stuff,etc..  Being someone who’s always struggled with boundaries, Halloween is a welcome respite of an acceptable dose of relentless lawn traipsing, in your face, diving into everyone’s bowl of goodies.  I love it.  

Having lived in condos and apartments that for unknown reasons never saw a notable amount of trick-or-treaters (places oddly shrouded in silence and seclusion amid everyone literally living on top of each other)  I was elated to partake in the first Halloween flanked by hoards of mummies, fairies, super heros and even Einstein (someone give that kid an extra handful of treats!).  One hundred and fifty one-night thespians stepped foot on our porch.  Surrounded in jovial atmosphere, I couldn’t help but put together a series celebrating one of the best holidays of the year.