John shows his son, Charlie, how to use the Nerf that HE (John) used when he was a child.

Harleysville family give some love to the family pet, Blue.

It’s so important for the autonomy of a couples relationship to be reaffirmed and embraced as often as possible. Before there was kids and mortgages and pets… there was the two of you.

When Dad’s got you.

Photographing mother’s lost in savoring the joy of a deep embrace from their child is one of my favorite moments in any session.

Blue was the one the chillest dogs I’ve photographed with a family. He worried about nothing while he was surrounded by his pack.

I have never met a child with the imagination of Charlie. He doesn’t have stories. He doesn’t stop having stories. There is a genius in that imagination.

Harleysville mom and son show how high they can go in their family photo session.

His eyes were like two deep wells one could get lost in.

Lashes for days.

This Harleysville family photo session keeps it beautiful and real.

Stephanie and John had a wonderful day full of stopping, reconnecting and reclaiming time for their family, right in their own Montgomery County backyard.  Their nanny dog, Blue joined in the fun too.

Stephanie is a burgeoning Lansdale business owner (Boutique Tres Bien).  What I love about Stephanie is her tenacity energy and what you see is what you get attitude.  What you see is class with a dose of moxie.  You see beauty with an edge of determination and vigor and carefree spirit – the kind that says, “Yes.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to wear of long, flowing gorgeous teal chiffon dress while I play with my kids in the backyard because I deserve to feel beautiful whenever the hell I want and No.  No I’m not going to cry or care when dirt inevitably finds its way on this dress while I’m searching for ants, or playing airplane or stealing hugs, because life was made for beautiful dresses and backyards and mud and sometimes all at once.”

John a hard working, dedicated family man. I loved John’s soft-spoken deep gratitude for everything real and true in his life.  At their design consult, following their session, he gave me the gift of luxuriating in their joy and perspective from the day they’d claimed for their family.  This gift came when, immediately following their cinematic slide show of photos in the North Wales studio, he said, “You know, sometimes it just feels like you’re running around, chasing kids all – scooping them up from here or there or getting into this or that, but when I stop and look at it from this perspective and see it this way, I can see this is everything.”

This is the beautiful chaos that is family.  This is real.

Stephanie and John embrace it with every fiber of their being and for that, they will richly look back on these days of crazy adventure, every maddening and delightful moment and see it for all it truly was to them.  For now and always, their best selves are immortalized in these moments and proudly displayed in their home through their wall art.

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