I was on vacation, but I just couldn’t stop myself…

My camera was by my side. I sat in San Diego’s iconic Balboa park after a long day of exploring.  Dave was napping next to me.  I sipped my beer and people-watched.  I noticed one couple in particular.  They lingered for quite some time in the park; hovering in twitterpation close to one another.

I wondered how it would be to walk up to two strangers and offer a five minute impromptu photo session… and then I walked up to two strangers and offered a five minute impromptu photo session.  I wanted everything that came with that very moment they were in.  I wanted the beer in their hands, the light coming in from the west and the spontaneity of it all.  I didn’t want to move them to a spot with better lighting or adjust her hat or his hair.  I just wanted to capture two people exactly where there were in a moment in time.  I wanted to see what happens when strangers meet suddenly, collaborate briefly and then exit each others worlds, presumably forever.

I took her email and sent the images a few days later.

Stay tuned for my next five minute photoshoot.