I’m so very excited about this new chapter of the photographic experience that I have the joy of providing to each of my clients.  Wall art collections have become my new passion and the passion of each personI have the honor of immortalizing. I wanted to share my most recent collection designed by Beth and her family.  These pieces tell the story of her and her first rescue – Harley  which led her through her journey into becoming a veterinarian and founder of the rescue; Harley’s Haven.  The story crescendos  as her son, Connor adopts his first puppy and declares his desire to carry the torch and become a second generation veterinarian.  The warmth I feel in my heart in having the honor of telling this story simply can’t be adequately explained in words.  The most important part of all of this is the insurmountable joy that they feel every time they lay eyes on this moment in their history.