In my mind, there are two things that should go together as often as possible:  charity and libation.  Sufficed to say when I happened  upon the East Meets Local Brewfest:  Brews For Books flyer a couple weeks ago, I was enthusiastic.  When I found out that $30 of the $35 dollar ticket was tax deductible, I was elated.  

There was no better way to find out what kind of pints are being poured in our own back yards.  I saw my friends Matt and Rob from Prism and the folks from Round Guys and I finally got to put a face to the names Free Will Brewing Co. (Perkasie) and Forest and Main Brewing Company (Ambler).

There certainly wasn’t a shortage of lively and outgoing strangers to strike up random conversations with either.  This being a favorite past time of mine (talking to strangers – sorry mom. I never listened about that safety precaution.), I relished every moment of my confabulation with patrons about their impending trips to the olympics, the fourth season of Breaking Bad and many other completely engrossing topics.  I also stumbled upon the brains behind Lansdale Beerfest and jotted down, in my mental calendar, the third saturday in June next year to come ready for beerfest, Lansdale style.  I recommend you do the same.

Check out Brews For Books next year.  Support a haven of knowledge for the community… while killing off several of your own brain cells.  Sacrifice people, Sacrifice.