In this Lansdale pet photo session, let’s take a minute to celebrate the Woman’s Best Friend Project Participants Samantha & Theo.

dog receives belly rubs in Lansdale pet photo session
Theo gets the belly rubs on the daily.

Lansdale resident canine, Theo, and dog mom, Samantha, are a constant source of joy for each other.

dog with toy in his mouth in lansdale pet photo session
Theo is at the ready to show off all his toys.

Though he’s full of antics and energy, he has a softer side too. Their in-home Lansdale pet photo session focused on how he has been Samantha’s stability during her journeys through anxiety. In her most upheaved moments, he helps her recenter. He snuggles next to her on the couch and rests his head on her. She is soothed by the meditative quality of simply petting him and brought back to the present moment.

woman kisses dog on face in lansdale pet photo session
Theo’s not the only one giving kisses here. He get’s plenty of kisses too.

To Samantha Theo is her world. She’s eternally grateful for the richness he brings to her life daily and knows she can count on him to lean on when anxiety rears its ugly head. Together, they find joy in the everyday.

dog with bow tie in lansdale pet photo session
Samantha knows how to keep Theo looking sharp. His bow tie says it all: Classy & sassy.