Matt and Courtney Smith:  

The most hard hearted vagrant would be hard pressed to disavow the validity of love once setting sights on Matt and Court.  I don’t get to see them very often, but true confessions:  in darker days I would notice their album posts on ubiquitous facebook and would take in all their wonderful shared adventures and say to myself, “These people know how to abundantly Live.”  I know how to read a picture and there it was before my very eyes; proof that extraordinary  love exists.

Imagine my elation when I had a front row seat (literally) to their nuptials.  I had to share this one moment I captured at their rehearsal.  Maybe you look at it and warmly remember your own wedding day, or soak it up as a look you hold out all hope to share with another some day.  Whatever part of yourself this image brings up in you, it will surely be one of warmth and goodness as it was for me.