My affinity toward unassuming establishments is really part of a greater world view.  I love to be surprised by life (in a good way).  It’s a person I’ve pegged to be one thing and turns out to be something else entirely or a place I thought was simply four walls, but come to find out, it’s a labyrinth of possibilities.  I love the Alice In Wonderland of life, but how does that relate to tacos?!

Habaneros is one of those places I’d assume to be nothing to write home about.  I’m so happy I was so wrong.  Located off a side street in Hatfield, it’s a small space with a handful of tables and flamboyant Mexican decor on the walls.  I stumbled upon it on the internet in search of authentic, affordable mexican food and a BYOB.  I struck gold at Habaneros.

I have never had a disappointing meal there.  The atmosphere is casual.  The bang for your buck is phenomenal and we always go in with a six pack or bottle of wine.  Though, recently, they’ve started serving FREE MARGARITAS Monday through Thursday. They also offer a comprehensive Sunday brunch menu.  This works out well for me since I prefer to say, “Buenos Dias Domingo.” with Juevos Rancheros.

Let me clarify.  There are two mexican restaurants I love:  Tamarindos and Habaneros.  Tamarindos is upscale, elegant, authentic cuisine derived from the Yucatan Peninsula area.  It’s moderately expensive and amazing.  You either need a generally larger bank account than my own or a special occasion to go. Habaneros is none of those things.  It’s the place I go to when I want great mexican, a real environment and I don’t want to feel the guilt of dropping a large chunk of change.  So, if you’re bank account and appetite looks anything like mine, you’ll want to try this place out.