Sarah York, North Wales yoga and meditation instructor reached out to me recently for a branding photo session.

I invited her to come by the studio for a cup of tea before her North Wales yoga session so I could hear more about her business, her goals and hopes. She needed to share with her potential clients (her avatar) who she is and what she offers. It was important to understand how Sarah sees herself and her business to help her tell her story. I could, then, help capture and share the part of herself she wanted to convey to the world.

Sarah is captivated by the “amazing universe within”.

This, she so eloquently expressed to me as we were deep diving into her journey to now. Sarah’s appreciation and need for yoga and meditation in her life strengthened as she fully immersed into adulthood and motherhood. Her decision to welcome an abundance of goodness and responsibility into her world burgeoned a drive to establish a practice of mindfulness. The desire to help others access the same joy and peace she discovers each time she is brought deeper insider herself led her to start teaching.

During her initial consult Sarah regaled me with tales about her daughter Francis. She described a precocious little girl that inspires Sarah to greater confidence through her carefree spirit. It became clear that featuring Francis in her session (with Francis’ permission) would be an important part of telling Sarah’s story.

When asked, “Does she enjoy doing yoga with you?”. Sarah quickly replied, “Oh. She ‘teaches meĀ yoga’!”. This, I could not wait to see. I was not disappointed by what followed.

Mother daughter yoga photo session in North Wales
Mother daughter yoga duo Francis and Sarah refine their yoga practice together.

As Francis stepped in front of the camera I asked her to guide mommy in her favorite yoga poses. She erupted into a series of paleontologically inspired poses. A posture flow epic in proportion to its prehistoric nature. See captions to add these poses to your posture flow.

Mother daughter yoga photo session Montgomery County
Francis demonstrates the Velociraptor yoga pose for her mother, Sarah.
mother daughter yoga photo session in North Wales studio
Francis demonstrates the Titanoboa pose.
Yoga instructor branding and headshot photo session in Philadelphia suburb featuring daughter
Francis demonstrates the Angry Spider pose.
Mother daughter photo session in North Wales
Francis guides mommy through the Lazy Apatosaurus pose.

If you’d like to hear more about Paleontological Yoga (The new craze that’s sure to sweep the nation), you can talk to Francis. However, I might recommend starting with a more timeless and nuanced path to the inward self. In which case, I recommend connecting with Sarah York at sarahyorkyoga@gmail.com

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