In honor of National Cat Lover’s Month we wanted to celebrate the indelible mark our cats make in our hearts and homes.

Steve & Rachel Malagari find a center in one another and their bond with their four-legged family members; Oliver, Lager & Sadie. Life gets hectic in their busy dual lives as career professionals and State Representative for the 53rd district in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. The demands can seem relentless, but that’s when they stop for a moment to reconnect and remember that every good thing starts here; in their home.

Rachel shared with me before their session that it was Steve’s kindness and honorable demeanor that drew her to him and continues to draw her in. He is a source of calm.

family pet photography in Montgomery County with Kristen Kidd Photography
Steve & Rachel’s connection with their cats helps keep them centered and connected when life gets hectic.

Steve holds firm to Rachel as his rock and foundation. She is comfort and their home a respite and space to recollect at the end of the day together.

cat playing a game during photo session in Lansdale

Steve & Rachel share a love for each of their cats. They each have unique personalities and special place in the tapestry of their family. Oliver is the playful and friendly one. Sadie is the great, fluffy snuggler and Lager. Well, he’s one of those cats that thinks he’s a dog.

family pet photo session with cats in lansdale
Steve & Rachel take moment to stop and reconnect.

Their tapestry reminds us that no matter the demands and service that call to us continually, we all find our true sanctuary within those we love (both two-legged and four-legged) and the place we call home.

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