One year ago I met Angie at a party for a medical practice I did a photo session for.  She told me she had an interest in hiring me to do some portraits with her and her beloved Nana.  She gushed over her love for her grandmother and I was elated at the prospect to capture her and Nana together.  It was this past weekend that all of our schedules coincided.  Most portrait sessions (especially where grandparents are involved) evoke thoughts of grandparents sweetly sitting in chairs with muted back drops as their family members flank their sides in a formal fashion.  That’s lovely, but I was overjoyed when Angie came to me with visions photographing Nana “doing the things she loves”.  "I really want to make her feel special.  I’d love to get her behind a sewing machine.  She loves to sew.  I love to have some of her behind the mixer too.  We both love to bake.“  

"Fantastic”, I said.  "What are we sewing?  What are baking?“

What transpired was a walk to the snowy park, hemming of pants, reading on the sofa and baking banana bread – all activities that are beloved by both Angie and Nana when they visit one another.  

My soul was warmed to tell the story of one grandmother and her granddaughter.  This is why I do what I do – to preserve timeless and cherished memories.