Pawsabilities Animal Rescue is an unassuming zoo of sorts in a suburban barn in Montgomery County.  I was completely unprepared for the level of diverse cohabitation I incurred on my first visit.  The cat room was overwhelming, but predictable.  Being an adoption facility, one expects a room full of cats ready to be taken to a loving home.  Though unlike many other places, a lot of these cats roam the room free of cage, lounging on shelves, window sills and other cats.  

I also didn’t anticipate Corona, the horse, Valentine, the sheep (with all his sheep and goat friends) a peacock and everything, but the partridge in the pear tree.  This is a pint sized wonderland for any kid or kid at heart.  Several times I came across a space that was meant to be for one use and was completely utilized for another.  For instance, storage under a chicken pin is also napping space for a goat.  Top of bunny crate equals perch for rooster and, as you can see pictured above, the cat bed doubles as chicken roost.

Sam, vet tech and director, barely looks twenty-five, but has brought this passion to life from a giant heart run amok.  Her mom drew the line when, at one point in her youth, Sam had rescued 40 cats.  Her mother declared that she needed to find them a home or organize a formal shelter.  Thus, Pawsabilities Rescue was born.

If you’re considering a new addition to your home, stop by Pawsabilities, but make sure you get the full tour.  Bring a carrot for Corona and whatever you do, don’t let the sheep loose like I did.