Photo Documentary:  Texas Series; Half Marathon

I love cheering runners on in races!  I am always moved to ridiculous depths as I see them achieving the finish line.  They’ve worked so hard to make it.  

I was elated when my brother welcomed me to his half marathon.  While I was waiting for my brother to cross the finish line I noticed several cadets practicing formation and wondered what the big deal was.  Upon questioning one nervous man with a box, I discovered he was  preparing to propose to his girlfriend who was currently running the race.  As the runners crossed the line one by one the time neared for her to cross as well.  They received an update that she injured her ankle along the way, slowing her down.  Nails were being bitten.  Anticipation was mounting.  The cadets assembled in formation a short distance from the finish line.  Her name was announced.  The crowd that had formed whispered with excitement, camera phones ready.  Moments passed and she did not appear.  Due to the crowd, she couldn’t see her boyfriend, the cadets or the reason there was a crowd.  She was in post 13.1 mode.  She had walked off, took deep breaths, got a banana, looked for a bathroom – whatever.  She wasn’t there.  Then, suddenly, she appeared, cut the crowd in half, received her real prize at the end of the miles and said yes to another race with a running partner at her side.