Photo Documentary:  Vault Brewing Company

James and John, brothers and owners of Vault Brewing Company, were kind enough to allow me to be the fly on the wall one very busy Friday afternoon.  I’ve sampled the flight and the food, chatted with the patrons and taken in the atmosphere.  I’m really impressed how well they’ve developed their niche as well as their product.  Vault pulls off a refined approach without any stuffy pretenses.  They’ve developed a great establishment that the public consistently wants to be a part of.  It’s attainable in price and welcoming in nature.  One could easily pop in for a brew after a bike a ride along the towpath or while strolling the streets of Yardley without having to feel like they needed to gussy-up, but it’s the type of place you could just as easily doll-up a bit and make it a date.  The beer menu and food menu carries this same diversity offering everything thing from Belgian Wits to Coffee Stouts and from sophisticated flat breads to locally driven anti pasta plates.  

In all the images I captured I relished most the two moms who brought their kids with.  The table was covered in toys, a yogurt, a snack bag and amid all this chaos was the mom’s beautiful salads, a flight and a pint.  The kids played happily with their toys at the table and the mom’s immersed themselves in conversation and laughter – clearly a much needed night out at a place where they could feel welcome bringing the kids along.  Nearby, at the bar, business men were unwinding after a long day and ushered in the weekend with a cold pint and harrowing tales from the week.  Couples on dates shared cozy tables and flat bread.  Vault can easily boast a little something good for every lover of beer.