Photodocumentary:  Free Will Brewery, Perkasie, Pa.  

I recently made my way to Free Will Brewery in Perkasie.  After I’d had a couple samples at the “Brews For Books” beer fest, I knew I needed to get the full experience.  So, I popped in and made my way down the list of their FREE samples (Yes.  You heard me.) I had ales, stouts, a stout with nitro and something called C.O.B. which was like magic in my mouth.  It was a bit like drinking iced coffee with alcohol, sans the hard liquor.  

After sampling everything and disliking nothing, Dominic and John were so kind to let me intrude on their brewing space and snap some shots.  They mashed, boiled and cleaned.  The place buzzed with enthusiastic samplers, chatty coworkers, and a million different tasks demanding their attention. At the end of it all Dominic paused to share; “We thought we were opening a brewery.  I think we opened an amusement park.”  If this is the case, I’ll ride the rides anytime.  I love the laid back feel, lack of pretense and avoidance of heirs being put on.  They have nothing more to prove than noteworthy brew and they undoubtedly succeed.