Woman’s Best Friend
Kristen asked women a simple question: “When has your furry best friend been there for you like no one else?” The response was overwhelming and thus began the Woman’s Best Friend Project. Woman’s Best Friend (WBF) is about raising money for local rescues through powerful stories about women’s bonds with their canine companions. The women who have chosen to participate in this project have shared their stories of the indelible mark their dogs have made in their lives. Their stories have been immortalized in photograph and in story in a beautiful coffee table book. The profits of the sales of this coffee table book go directly to one special rescue. When you purchase a copy of Woman’s Best Friend Coffee Table Book you’re helping abandoned dogs find their forever homes and humans find the four-legged family member that will change their lives. In addition to helping homeless dogs find their forever homes, WBF is about celebrating the joys our four-legged family members bring us every day. WBF works to erase stigmas associated with grief, depression, anxiety, breed discrimination and more. Stigma is erased when stigmatized experiences are normalized. Turn every page and see that no one is alone. Often it’s our furriest companions that are there for us the most.


The Honduras Retrato
In The Honduras Retrato Project I have the honor of traveling to the remote mountainous regions of Honduras. Each day, for one week, we visit a different community. Families convene at the local school house for the opportunity to receive medical treatment from grassroots organization, Healthy Ninos. In addition to the medical treatment provided by Healthy Ninos, it’s my personal mission to offer something else they’ve never had prior access to – a family portrait. On location, in their communities, family after family lined up with excitement to immortalize this moment in time in their lives. Families watched with anticipation as their photograph was printed, mounted and sealed. Each family proudly walked away with a priceless celebration of their unique story. There are places in the world where families have no photographic footprint. There are no photos of bygone days, passed loved ones, precious moments or new births. There are no selfies, polaroids, snap shots or portraits. This is a resource so ubiquitous in our culture that we take it for granted. Can you imagine, for a moment, your life without a single photo of a loved one or cherished moment? These photos most importantly account the story of these families for these families. Yet, they also say much about our global family, the roles we play and the stories we choose to tell.


Every Body Beach Body
Every Body Beach Body is benefiting ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders). That’s right. We want to change the conversation about what beauty means by celebrating body and soul diversity through our very own calendar featuring women of all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds. Each woman is beautiful in body and spirit.