Pueblo A Pueblo (PAP) is a celebration of Mexican heritage that occurs April 27 – June 16th throughout Philadelphia.  At this particular event Pueblo De Pueblo joined with Music and Mosaics Concerts at The Philadelphia Magic Gardens. Here I watched ancient meet present as Aztec dancers performed ritual dances, followed by modern lyrical stylings meshed with simplistic drums.  Having some roots in the Hispanic community it was eye opening to see that this is a part of myself and to understand that part a little better.  PAP broadcasts itself as an educational and entertaining experience.  I was not disappointed.  It held a great balance of illustrating the Mexican community origins and present day vibrancy through the lively performances coupled with some explanation of the history.  

All this was enjoyed as I carried a six pack around (the Music and Mosaic Concert series is BYOB) and absorbed the awesome creation that is Isaiah Zagar’s Magic Gardens.  Equally enthralled patrons wandered dazed, drink in hand, studying his master piece.  Amid this hung, on the top to bottom mosaic covered walls, the inspiring photography of Laurence Salzmann.  This coupling of Zagar and Salzmann along with all the performances of Pueblo A Pueblo felt like savoring the chocolates from inside the box itself after that box has been bedazzled to high heaven and if you’re wondering whether or not that’s a good thing – it’s a very good thing.