Little boy enjoying the rain fall smiling

Do we ever savor a rainy day like this as adults? Next time you’re dodging drops think of this guy and enjoy the moment.

Little boy in mid air above a puddle

No holding back for Sammy.


little boy in blue jacket jumping in a puddle at home in North Wales

Sammy found the best puddle in his North Wales yard to make the biggest splash.

Lena learned to make her bouquets with her mother at a Montgomery County arrangement class.

A gentle smile and her best green snippers in hand. Covered by her trusty umbrella and pink slicker. She’s ready to make the best display, just like the one she made with her mother at the bouquet design class they took together.

picking zinnia's at her montgomery county home

Lena curates her perfect bouquet during her rainy day family photo session.

Lena gently pats each bloom in her pockets. All’s safe and secure in her pink slicker pockets.

Little girl in the rain picking flowers in pink jacket in North Wales

She searched her entire backyard in her Montgomery County home to find the very best flowers for her bouquet.


Little in pink jacket with a daisy in Montgomery County

Lena shows off the biggest bloom in the bunch.

little girl standing in the rain with flowers in her pink jacket pocket with a clear umbrella at her upper gwynedd home.

Pausing in a puddle in between picking flowers for her bouquet.

This Montgomery County rainy day family photo session reminds us that sometimes the best family days are a washout.

It was a warm summer day at Greta’s North Wales home.  She took the day off to reconnect and reclaim time with her family.  It was also pouring rain.  I marveled when I arrived, camera in hand, as their lively world unfolded before me.  For the first few minutes they raced around the home showing me favorite toys, dance moves, games and general gymnastics that all kids love to perform when they’re so excited they don’t know what do with themselves.

It wasn’t long before they were running towards their rain coats, goulashes and umbrellas.  This is the point at which any mom would be tempted to say no.  Muddy, drenched children does not sound like the best photo op.  Yet, Greta wanted to celebrate everything she loves most about her kids through her unique family photo session.  Their charismatic spirit and blissful joy through everyday life is a powerful inspiration and reminder of what really matters.  That life perspective is a beautiful place to be transported to every day as they see these moments displayed in their home through their powerful wall art.  What greets Greta as she walks through her home is the truth that some days we need to stop and pay tribute the beauty and gifts in the chaos and in the imperfections.  

It’s in-between our well laid plans that the real living happens – the perfect goodness.  And, yes, sometimes that means grabbing the rain coat and goulashes and making the most of a rainy day.  

Lena wanted to pick flowers for an bouquet she planned to design with her mother.  She shared with me that her favorite thing was the flower arrangement class that she and her mother took together recently.  Lena found her best green snippers and delicately went about clipping the very best flowers from the backyard.  Then from the side yard and front yard.  No flower bed was left untouched.  Later she arranged her flowers in a pint size mason jar and proudly thrust it towards me.  She declared that she made it just for me.  That’s when I asked for a towel to wipe up the puddle my heart had become on the floor.

Sammy was poised to show me his very best and biggest puddle hops.  He found the widest and deepest puddle.  Then, he took a running start and SPLASH! Over and over again he gave thanks for the rain by simply enjoying it.  I can’t think of the last time I enjoyed the rain as much Sammy.

It reminded me to think of his beaming face every time I’m hurriedly dodging drops or when I’ve lost my connection to the goodness the earth is giving me.

We can be tempted to shutdown our plans when they’re not running according to our original vision.  Often when we lean into the changes that we did not plan and can’t control, we can find a goodness we didn’t expect. We find new gratitude and perspective for what we have.  Enjoy leaning into the challenges this week brings you and listening to what the world is offering you.