“Sorry We’re Closed” is one of my favorite moments in my 2015 wedding season and proof that organic moments in life (and weddings) are WAY better than anything staged.  

JD is owner of the Manayunk novelty shop, Johnny Destructo’s Hero Complex (If you have not been, go!).  He’s seen in the background of this image wearing a suit.  Suits are not generally comic shop attire, but on this particular day he happened to be getting married.  He chose his shop as his location to get ready due to its close proximity to their venue, Manayunk Brewing Company.  

It was a warm day and given adrenaline and emotions, it gets pretty damn hot putting on a suit.  So JD opened the door to the shop a bit, but left his “sorry we’re closed” sign up.  As he quaffed his hair, snugged his tie and tied his bright red converse, in walks a patron.  JD greeted him warmly as he adjusted his collar, inquiring about how the man was doing today.  The man reciprocated and JD offered, “I’m good. I’m actually getting married today… in thirty minutes.  So, we’re not open right now.”  Despite offering this information, JD also kindly asked if there was anything specific he could help him find. The patron kept his eyes locked on the shelves of items and admitted that that was exciting… but do you have the newest edition of…?  What followed was a 15 minute transaction in which JD, in his wedding day attire, assisted this new patron with finding just the right comic and discussing all the ins and outs and what have yous that two mutual comic fiends could possibly want to discuss in 15 minutes.  

After ringing him up and sending the happy patron on his way, JD had just as enough time to make it to his wedding.  Lesson?  If you own a business on main street and plan to get ready for your wedding there, close the door and bring a fan.  Or just be prepared to work on your wedding day and kindly greet customers, just like JD did.  It’s a very specific lesson, I know.  

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