This past weekend I found myself first at a dance studio in Quakertown then in the middle of a shopping courtyard in Center Valley.  All in the name of love.  When Bob and Sue reached another anniversary, Bob wanted to show her in an above and beyond fashion that he loves her more than when they wed half a lifetime ago.  He knew exactly what this called for: a musical montage that included, but was not limited to, Paul McCartney, a slew of enthusiastic volunteer dancers, a dozen roses and a lot of heart.  

The display was enough to make the unsuspecting shoppers and casual passerby suspend their Starbuck’s Frappacino slurping and applaud such chivalry.  It’s always wonderful to be apart of something so warm and heartfelt.  Bob raised the bar and makes us consider; what have we done recently for the ones we love?  Not everyone needs or even wants a parade in their honor, but I think the point isn’t that he threw a parade.  The point is that he did something spectacular and meaningful to them.  May we each find what spectacular and meaningful means in our relationships (whether they be familial, friendly or romantic relationships) and waste no time gushing bucket loads of the good stuff on one another.