Woman’s Best Friend Project (WBF) is the coffee table book created by Kristen Kidd Photography raising funds for rescues. Currently there are two volumes of the book. Volume one released in 2019 and raised over $7,000 for Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue.  Volume Two released fall of 2020 and raised over $10,000 for Brandywine Valley SPCA thus far.

Open submissions for volume three of the book launch January 1st.

Women are invited to submit their stories (here) of their dynamic bond with their canine companions to be considered for feature in Volume Three of the book, releasing fall of 2021.  This third volume benefits Women’s Animal Center – a shelter with a unique and rich history as the first shelter in the U.S.. As if that weren’t enough, the shelter was founded by women. 

What follows are a round up of some of our favorite moments and stories from the most recent edition of Woman’s Best Friend.

Every single one of the 47 stories featured in the book are beautiful and important. Each story shines a light on the powerful impact our four-legged family members make in our lives. This collection of stories come together to share common themes on the spectrum of the human experience. They work to eradicate stigmas associated with mental health, breed discrimination, fertility journeys, varying orientations and more. We inch closer to this goal by normalizing the broad ranging arc of the human experience through story telling. These women’s courageous sharing makes it possible for all of us to open up just a little more by celebrating how our pets show up for us every day.

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You can support the rescue efforts by purchasing your own copy of the book here. January 15th at 7:00p.m. you can tune in for a virtual book reading of selected stories from the book and participate in the Q&A with myself and featured women. Find our more about this event here.

summer outdoor dog photo session with bubbles
Sheila & Hoosick

I definitely think [her happiness] has taught me to embrace the everyday hilarity a little bit more. It’s there all the time. You can get mired down in the nonsense. Seeing her dive into whatever she’s doing – whether it’s rolling down a hill or eating her food or chasing bubbles – she does it without any regard for anyone else – no reservations.

– Sheila Rhodes Delp, Woman’s Best Friend Volume Two
dog photo session at Kristen Kidd Photography
Hannah & Owen

Owen was rescued from a deep dark hole in Puerto Rico and brought to the Brandywine Valley SPCA.

Around the same time he found himself steeped in darkness 1,600 miles away Hannah found herself in her own darkness following the loss of her mother. Upon meeting at the SPCA their connection was visceral and they started the work to help each other rebuild their lives in trust and love.

It’s been a lot of exposing him to the world around him and reassuring him that it’s okay. I think that’s the same message I needed after losing somebody who I care about so much. It’s okay to trust people. It’s okay to love people. Go out and experience. He’s been a big reason I’ve been able to get back out there.

Hannah Caplan, Woman’s Best Friend Volume Two
pet photo session in North Wales
Liz & Bruce Wayne

Liz and Bruce Wayne are winning at life on cuteness points alone.

Liz’s ride or die buddy represents everything warm and fuzzy and fun about our canine besties. Bruce has become a crowd favorite and super star of the project. Their eleven years together represents that joyful legacy in every bond that deserves celebration.

summer outdoor pet photo session with dog
Rachael & Grit

The gravity and power of the presence of our dogs during the seminal moments in our lives is captured in Rachael and Grits story.

It’s simply amazing what we can weather with a dog by our side. After losing her partner, Cade, in a farming accident Rachael simply acknowledged, “I’m going to need a dog for this.” Those of us who love our dogs as much as we love many of the humans in our lives and have experienced tremendous loss can relate to Rachael’s sentiments. That agonizing period of her life was the catalyst for bringing Grit into her life. In his entry into her life hope is reborn.

pet session with rescue dog from Azerbaijan at North Wales Photo Studio
Laura & Dutch

Laura & Dutch are a symbol of the capacity of rescue on a global scale.

Most of us couldn’t point to Azerbaijan on a map, much less know that the capital is Baku and that within that city there is a dire need for the advocacy and rescue of street dogs. Baku Street Dog Rescue is doing their part to show up for these vulnerable pups, finding homes in the UK and US. Dutch is one of these pups. Their journey to each other is the story of one person choosing to do good, followed by one more person and another and another, until lives are changed around the world.

studio pet photo session at Kristen Kidd Photography Studio
Ginni & Chloe

Ginni and Chloe’s story perfectly illustrates the power of our pups to just bring us out of ourselves, elevate every experience and meet us where we are at. Their perfect day starts with cartoons and breakfast in bed. So we brought that to life in their session to celebrate their best selves on their best day.

Berks County lifestyle pet photo session with Kristen Kidd Photography for Brandywine Valley SPCA
Rebecca & Lincoln

In Rebecca’s story she shared the intimate choice to pursue motherhood independently and how Lincoln shows up for her on the daily.

This story earmarked the tremendous courage that each woman demonstrates in sharing the intimate details of their journeys. We all want to know we’re seen, heard and loved. Our greatest power is our vulnerability. We discover we are not alone and help others to see they are not alone when we share our truth as we know it. There is no experience under the sun that is entirely novel. There is always someone who has a resonating or correlating truth. We can only know and encounter that truth when we share our peregrination.

in home pet photo session
pet photo session for brandywine Valley SPCA
Phyllis & Remy

Phyllis & Remy’s story of a dog’s unique ability to heal when we find ourselves on the edge is one everyone should read.

He bridged the gap between not wanting to be alive and wanting to live for myself. He’s the middle ground where I had something to hold onto. He protected me when I didn’t know I wanted to be here for myself until I finally figured that out.

Phyllis Spencer, Woman’s Best Friend Volume Two
Delaware lifestyle pet photo session for woman and dog adopted from Brandywine Valley SPCA
family with pit bull at North Wales Photo studio
Holly, Scudder & Trixie

Sometimes the story of a woman and her dog is the story of family.

The celebration of how a four-legged adoptee can create a family is important to how we define and think about what family means.

Trixie holds us accountable to be our best selves.

Scudder, Woman’s Best Friend Volume Two
pit bull rescue dog with family