A few weeks ago I participated in my favorite bridal event; Brides Against Breast Cancer.  I don’t generally work bridal expos or shows.  It’s not my scene.  Most of my wonderful couples comes from word of mouth and by putting my face out there in other, creative ways (Check out some of those beautiful couples here.).  However, Brides Against Breast Cancer has a special place in my heart.  

I know what you’re thinking, “Is there nothing that is not somehow connected to the breast cancer cause?” and probably, “Sure, but does the cause actually support responsible charities combating breast cancer or is this a vague, ‘Raise awareness about cancer’ sort of thing?”  

Brides Against Breast Cancer is a traveling wedding dress boutique experience.  Previous brides show up to donate their gowns.  They receive a receipt for their tax deductions.  The dress is processed and added to the already extensive and gorgeous spectrum of gowns.  Brides to be pay $20 to attend a VIP,  evening full of munchies and beverages, complete with a DJ, vendors and, of course, first pick of the gowns.  Other brides opt for a second day visit to the show for a meager $5, but still have access to all the gowns (that had not found their beautiful bride the previous night).  

All of the money goes toward local organizations that directly aid individuals and their families affected by breast cancer.  The organizations change from city to city and year to year. Their causes are very worthy.  The money from the gown purchases, ticket sales and even vendor participation fee, all go toward the participating charities. 

At May’s event I took my camera along so that you can get a feel for the energy and excitement that goes into every event.  I chose to shoot abstractly as to prevent the brides from being fully seen in their gowns (unless the brides gave consent to be photographed in her dress).  

The charisma is tangible as brides, coupled with the “oohs” and “ahhs” of their friends and family, try on dress after dress.  Joy cascades down every seam line and enthusiasm erupts each time a bride arrives at her final selection.  It’s an honor to be ushered into the boudoir – into the intimate moment when a bride finds the most important dress she will ever wear and equally so, it is an honor to be a part of such a meaningful event.