Kat was staring down the barrel of sixty hour work weeks, big life goals and general overwhelm with every aspect of it all.  

She sought solace, as so many do, on a trail in the Rockies. There, with her dog Bear by her side she searched for perspective in the enormity of the vast landscape.  Each step a reverent petition to the expanse to realign her with a semblance of her why in life.  

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“Bear saved my life..He makes me feel connected to something bigger.”

Kat Jones

On the secluded trail Bear took paces ahead of her and then she lost sight of him.  She began to tail spin into panic.  Every catastrophic possibility washing over her in a deluge of prophetic tragedy.  A frenzied search began and in that search she found the perspective she so longed for.  In those moments of feared disaster she was reconnected with what mattered most. She remembers, “I was able to focus on how much I loved him and how much life was okay as long as I could find him.”

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Around a bend, through a clearing, there he sat; looking out and waiting for her patiently.  

She took a seat next to him and let the waves of gratitude wash over her. “When you’re chasing so much in your life and you’re able to find that moment of centeredness in your life…[he’s] the release that lets me move past the road block…The ability to move forward.  That’s what he’s always given me.” Together they sat and she remembered herself.

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“Bear saved my life..He makes me feel connected to something bigger.” Kat reflects a feeling echoed by so many of us who’ve had the privilege of opening their hearts to another soul’s ability to dynamically change our world.

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Kat & Bear are participants of the Woman’s Best Friend Project, a project dedicated to raising funds for rescues. Woman’s best friend is also dedicated to giving women and their dogs opportunities to receive a unique photographic experience and design their own personal art to honor their bond. So far over $17,000 has been raised for rescues since the beginning of the Woman’s Best Friend Project and over 100 women have received their own photo sessions celebrating the indelible mark their four-legged BFFs have made on their hearts.

We are currently accepting submissions for feature in volume three of the coffee table book Woman’s Best Friend benefiting Women’s Animal Center. Click the button to submit your story and learn more about the project.

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