Taz entered Katelyn’s life unexpectedly, like most of the best things in life. 

The story of Katelyn and Taz North Wales puppacino pet session begins long before, when Katelyn was working at a pizza shop (like you do in your twenties). A man entered the shop to pick up his pizza…and complain about his dog. He lamented about the family dog who recently had been an adorable puppy full of fluff and snuggles. However, inconveniently and audaciously he grew out of his puppy cuteness and into an unmanageable dog. All of those precious puppy shenanigans ceased to make the family coo anymore. The sweet puppy grew and lost his magic, laid havoc and the family was done with him.

Pet Photos Session in North Wales with Dog Mom and retriever
Proud dog momma, Katelyn, and her pup Taz pause during a game of fetch

This, unfortunately, is not an uncommon story.  Every day many families choose to bask in the sparkle of new puppy bliss. Lured by the small wiggly package of innocence, it’s easy to forego the necessary dedication, work, structure and training required to bring any new life into a home. As the puppy grows, what was once adorable can easily become unbearable. The dog is abandoned and blamed for becoming the product of its environment.  Yet, sometimes, there’s a Katelyn in the world who shows up, determined to give an unwanted dog a loving home.  

North Wales Photo session with Kristen Kidd Photography
Katelyn and Taz playing fetch in the backyard.

“He’s a little crazy, but it’s okay because I’m a little crazy too.”

– Katelyn
Pet photo session in North wales dog with tennis balls
Taz eagerly awaits a game of fetch by his bin of tennis balls.

Katelyn jumped at the opportunity to welcome the puppy into her home.

Quickly she saw that her hands were full. She named him Taz after the Tasmanian Devil. “The first week I cried because he was so bad. He’s a little crazy, but it’s okay because I’m a little crazy too.”, she reflects. Katelyn didn’t give up on him though.  She dug deeper and stood up for him and hired a trainer.  With time, she learned how to give him structure and security and his behavior improved. Her philosophy became, “There’s no going back […] We’re going to work with it.”  

Pet photo session playing fetch in North Wales back yard
Taz living his best life rolling in the grass near his collection of prized tennis balls

Now she says, “He’s still a little crazy, but that’s what I like about him.”  

These days Taz and Katelyn enjoy playing fetch in the backyard with a baseball bat and tennis balls and going out for puppacinos at their favorite Starbucks and taking long walks in the local nature preserve.  

woman and dog get puppacino at Blue Bell starbucks in pet photo session
Taz is a regular at the Blue Bell Starbucks where he loses his mind every time he enters the drive through in anticipation of an impending puppacino.

Katelyn and Taz were partners in the 2019 Woman’s Best Friend Project, a coffee table book that shares the photos and tells the stories of 42 women and their bonds with their canine companions. The profits from the coffee table book benefit Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue. Three of Katelyn & Taz’s photos from their session are proudly displayed within the pages of the coffee table book. Save the lives of countless dogs in need of rescue by ordering your copy today.

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