Kings have been mocked for many things throughout history, but rarely does it involve their taste in beer.  Wicked Weed derives its name from a Henry VIII quote, “Hops are a wicked and pernicious weed.” destined to ruin beer.  Inspired by such a lofty challenge as to overthrow the rants of an iconic king, the founders of this Asheville treasure have mastered hop forward Belgian and American styles.  They tout, “Hops will be excessive and flavors abundant.”  Boy did they hit the mark.  

I stopped in on a rainy day and even when the sun was nowhere to be found the open atmosphere, large windows, space, the bright, cheerful employees and patrons greatly compensated for the dreary state of the outdoors.  I traded in one downpour for another and had a great time sampling each beer with a new friend.  My heart be still for the Sir Ryan the Pounder with its maltiness and the McFee Stout which boasts three magic words in its description:  Coffee, Stout and Irish.  

If you find yourself in Asheville go have a seat under the ever watchful gaze of Henry VIII, order an IPA and send a cheers his way for one more thing one more king got wrong.