On Thursday evening I received a message from Tom asking for a photographer for his impending proposal to Brittany.  Twenty-four hours later I found myself crouched behind a tree, in the a pile of leaves, at 9:00 at night in 35 degree weather asking a very kind and patient mustachioed man to just trim a few more of these saplings that are in my field of vision.  I was loving every moment of it because if there’s one thing that brings me joy like none other (besides the joy of the people I’m photographing) it’s collaborating and team work.

Tom had a vision.  It included photographs in the dark, which initially I explained was problematic.  He could choose grain and unpredictable shadows or he could choose flash which is abrasive and confusing when you’re walking down a path and your love has suddenly fallen on his knee and then there are bright lights and one begins to think, “Is this the second coming?” or “Am I having a seizure?” or they just have a seizure because flashing lights.

The man knew his way around a camera though and armed with that knowledge chose grain and unpredictable shadows as an art form.  We both embraced the “Yes.” and trusting eachother’s judgements and capabilities, we moved forward with the project. What transpired next was 12 hours of hilarious texts that included but were not limited to Bitmojis and ninja gifs in preparation for the big moment.  His final text read “t-minus 5″  Mine included a lonely photo of the mustachioed man on one knee to no one (for light testing purposes) and outlined exactly how Tom was to set the stage.

All that was left was the moment to unfold.  Brittany and Tom were pure magic – all light and joy.  It was an honor to be apart of their giddy wonder and gorgeous symmetry.  Some photographers find themselves in the snow bluffs of  the Kazakstan patiently waiting for the allusive snow leopard.  I find myself in a pile of leave in New Hope waiting for the impending engaged couple.  It suits me well.