Pet Photography

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They love you unconditionally. They’re there to celebrate the best of times and always lift you up in the worst of times. They arrive and you’ll never be the same again. They leave you before you could ever come close to being prepared or ready. Each one leaves a unique and indelible mark on your heart. No two are the same. Let’s capture the essence of that indelible mark. Let’s celebrate your unique bond.

As a Philadelphia pet photographer I design each session around your 4-legged family member(s). Your photography experience begins with a Discovery Meeting either in-person or via call. Here we collaborate to curate your experience. I discover what’s most important to you, who you’ll be sharing your experience with and how we will bring the best of your world to life in photographs and Wall Art design.

Most sessions take place in your home where your furry family members are most comfortable and at ease. However, outdoor or studio session are available for those that do best outside of the home. Sessions are followed by a same day cinematic photo presentation in which you’ll select the photos that you love and design your Wall Art.

Revel in the gift their love has given you and the legacy their presence leaves.

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