Meet Kristen

For over a decade Kristen nurtured, in tandem, a dedication to professional photography and a career as a social worker. Here she honed the skills of deeply understanding and connecting with clients and capturing the true essence of their identity and relationships. At the beginning of 2017, after a long and fulfilling experience as a social worker, she stepped away in order to fully dedicate herself to her photography clients. Now, as a Philadelphia photographer, she brings everything she loved most about her career in social work to her photography; namely celebrating deep connections, our “why” and the fun of life.

Kristen has been featured in Rangefinder Magazine and Offbeat Home for her series on grieving the loss of a pet, Offbeat Home for her series on body dysmorphia and women’s empowerment and the Lansdale Reporter for The Retrato/Portrait Project, in which she travels to remote villages in Honduras to provide portraits to families that would not otherwise have a photographic foot print.

Kristen calls Philadelphia home and enjoys traveling, hiking and camping with her husband and fur babies, Hudson & Nito when she isn’t capturing the precious lives of two-legged and four-legged families.”

Meet “Nito” Hermanito

Nito is Sparkle Puppy The Second.  He was rescued at six months from Harley’s Haven Rescue.  He wiggles through life with few cares in the world.  He feels passionately about trashcan pizza, stale bread and finding the best seat in the house.  When he’s not eating everything he enjoys curling up into the tiniest ball a 70lb dog could every master curling into and dreaming about chasing bunnies.

Meet Hudson

Hudson is the original Sparkle Puppy.  He was rescued at ten weeks old from Home At Last Dog Rescue.  He is sensitive, intuitive and an olympic level snuggler.  He is a therapy dog in the sense that he enjoys consoling sad people from the comfort of our sofa by sitting on them and plying them with endless kisses, sometimes against their will.  

Meet David

David has proven to be a quick study in photography. In recent years he’s honed a skillset for marrying light and an appreciation for detail in order to create stunning photographs. Always searching for new ways to challenge himself, he finds inspiration in what his clients are most passionate about and bringing their passion to life in front of the camera.

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