mother daughter session in North Wales studio with dog
Stealing kisses

This pretty in pink mother-daughter photo session for the Woman’s Best Friend Project  honors the connection that Jamie, her daughter Gracie and their dog Bree share. The story of Bree shares the truth of how far a mother will go for any member of her family.

Moms know. 

Moms know when something’s wrong. So when Bree started showing signs of pain in her leg Jamie took her to the doctor who believed it to be a minor tweak needing only rest. Yet, Jamie knew there was more to it.  So, she took her back and asked for x-rays which showed hip dysplasia. Her veterinarian recommended a minor surgery.  

Six months had passed, but Jamie knew Bree was still in pain.

Yet, the doctor reassured her that Bree was fine. Family and friends all thought she was overthinking it. Yet, like all mom’s she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She pushed and put Bree in physical therapy with underwater treadmill exercise. Seeing no improvement from the physical therapy she pushed on and went back to the doctor who, again, assured Jamie that Bree wasn’t experiencing pain.

“I wasn’t going to take that for an answer…I wasn’t going to take that she’s fine, because she wasn’t.” 

– Jamie
dog getting belly rubs during woman's best friend photography session in North Wales Studio
Bree gets belly rubs from her favorite humans during her Woman’s Best Friend session at Kristen Kidd Photography studios

Her doctor offered that they could perform another surgery to do more work to the affected area. Since her second surgery Bree has been pain free. Jamie remembers the first time she knew Bree was recovered. She let her outside; an activity that normally meant slowly lumbering. However, on this particular morning Bree took off in a run. Jamie was, at first, petrified having never seen her run so fiercely. Then, her fear turned to elation. She knew Bree would finally be okay. 

“I felt like after her long journey she was able to be the puppy she never was…she missed that whole stage.”

– Jamie
dog being hugged during photo session
Bree wears a wreath of love around her neck.

Then, her fear turned to elation. She knew Bree would finally be okay. 

Jamie fought fiercely for Bree and when asked why this battle was such a resonating force in her life, she remembers Hauss.  Hauss was a 150 pound Rottweiler who was the light of Jamie’s life and passed away from cancer at the tragically young age of three. He shared many of the same traits as Bree, the pup that would follow in his paw prints. He had an injured back leg and followed Jamie around the farm the same as Bree. Bree keeps Hauss alive in their shared traits. For Jamie, the fight for Bree was the fight she never had the power or control over to fight for Hauss.  

“I Feel like I couldn’t save him but I saved Bree.”  

– Jamie
dog being hugged during philadelphia pet photography session for Woman's Best Friend
Jamie connects with her gratitude for Bree during her Woman’s Best Friend photo session.

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